Golden wings: an angel and her demons

She was born an angel with

A soul too heavy for her wings.


Not to say she never flew,

Though heights she'd gain

she always knew,

She'd fall the same.


She touched it once,

Before she fell,

It was falling from heaven,

That made earth hell.


But she met a man,

Who gave her golden wings,

Amber injection in virgin veins.


All her golden streets came from a needle,

All of her light was laced with evil.


She stumbles around with gas can in hand,

A bit more money and she'll have what she needs, 

Its best that she does, 

When he's angry, she bleeds.


She flies to heaven in a dirty syringe,

her back on the door, her head on the hinge.


She slips deeper still, on the cold tile floor,

She's getting closer, but she needs more.


Crashing now, falling down, clutching now for paradise found.

Knock, shout, rattled handle, click of key,

The police surround, but she's free.


Still numb to the world, she passively complies,

but we can all see, the loss in her eyes.


Sweet little angel, chained to a stone,

but on wings of gold, she will fly home.