Time: An Essay

     Time is valued in proportion to it's scarcity. Youth take the same moments for granted that the elderly treasure. Parkinson's Law states that "Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion." Give a man an hour or a day to finish a job and he will fill it.
     Ambitious deadlines lead to optimal results. It is better to give yourself an hour and finish in two, than to give yourself a day and waste the whole thing. Be rigorous with your standards but not unrealistic, give yourself fifty minutes to do an hour job and find ways to be efficient, not thirty minutes to do an hour job only to find yourself cutting corners.
     The clock never ceases and the pen is never lifted from the page, you are always using your time. Time which is not applied to a definite purpose will be spent bumbling down the path of least resistance. Equating time to money leads us to a dangerous misconception. Time is better equated to a conveyor belt of picture frames that pass us by, we have a moment to fill them, and once past they're immediately displayed in the museum of all we have ever been, and on a coming day, all we were.

     Time cannot be saved, like a raindrop cannot be suspended in the air. You can save time right up to your death, only to find your account is empty; as you spend your final moments reflecting on your life, equally as bankrupt.
     Time is generally wasted. There is an insidious exchange occurring in which men and women anesthetize themselves to the present in favor of dreaming about a fantastic future. We bemoan our reality for falling short of our lofty fantasies; fantasies engineered by advertising companies and homeostatic wishes.

     Emerson said, "Life wastes itself whilst we are preparing to live." Waste no more time preparing every detail for a future you cannot predict. 
     Hold your time in high esteem, it is only as much yours as you make it so. Stop pondering the eleventh step and take the first. The map will only guide you as far as you walk. 
     Lost time is lost forever, the abyss does not relent. There is no salvation for a life spent frivolously. These seconds are not box tops to be accumulated and mailed in for a grand reward, a thousand seconds saved will not buy you wings lined with gold, there is no account to save them and no wings to purchase. You are not building credit, you're building a legacy. There is an exception, you may redeem this moment alone for your loftiest visions or basest desires. The time is always now, until it is no more; until you are no more.